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Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration, Management and Monitoring Services

Bridgewater are leveraging the cloud and other platforms to enable a higher level of scalability, reliability and customer service.

Many successful companies have built mission-critical applications from the ground up and have hosted them internally since their inception. But in today’s fast-paced world, speed, reliability, agility and scalability are paramount. By migrating these applications—in full or in part—to a public, private or hybrid cloud, Cognizant helps companies improve customer service and achieve new heights that will be needed in the more connected work world now evolving.

Bridgewater’s Approach

We start the process by analyzing your infrastructure and business processes, and perform an impact analysis. After that, we will develop a proof-of-concept and draft mitigation roadmap. Once you are satisfied, we will build cloud-specific components and processes, test and refine as necessary, and finally deploy your new system in the cloud.

Following the migration, we offer a full complement of services to manage your cloud environment, including:

  • Private cloud management
  • Desktop in a cloud (VDI) management
  • Enterprise shared platform management
  • Infrastructure management in a public cloud
  • Public cloud monitoring and management
Here is just one example: For a major U.K. Television Shopping Channel, Bridgewater recently migrated a major web-based application to Rackspace cloud. The company now delivers the solution to its customers via the cloud, saving them time and money, and providing greater reliability to their customers.
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