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FolioHawk Model Agency Software

FolioHawk is a fully featured online model booking and and reporting system.


Fully integrted, 100% web based Model Booking and reporting.

  • Intuitive and simple
  • All-in-One solution
  • Website integration
  • Full imaging
  • CRM
  • Model Calendar
  • Bookers Calendar
  • Accounting
  • Bookers revenue report
  • fully DTI compliant!


Intuitive and simple

With a clean icon based intuitive interface, FolioHawk has simple navigation and usability to make your life less complicatd.

All-in-One solution

FolioHawk allows you to efficiently manage model’s Jobs, Castings, Options, Bookings, Accounts etc, and can integrate with your website so you porfolio is always up to date.

Website integration

FolioHawk can seamlessy and automatically integrate with your website and keep all model images and videos up-to-date


FolioHawk allows you to create temoplate emails ans SMS text messages which can be uesd to communicate with Models or Clients eg photogrpahes, casting agencies etc

Model and Bookers Calendar

FolioHawk has a build in calendaer and models diary so that you keep track of jobs as they happen al in one place

Model Management

FolioHawk can extensive model data capabilities like model diary, showreels and voiceovers


FolioHawk has complete invoicing functionality and can also integrate directly with most online acounting systems like Xero and Freeagent

Bookers revenue report

If you want to see which bookers are the moste effictive, or you want to pay bonises based on perfomrnace, the tools are already available in FolioHawk

fully DTI compliant!

FolioHawk fully DTI compliant!

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