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Web Design

Having an online presence allows your customers to see who you are and what you can do for them. But you can also make your web site work for you.
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Web Development

Building a more complex web portal for processing more complex systems?  Whether it is your first e-commerce store, a new social media strategy, or a new website from scratch, our developers are here to help you at every stage of development.
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Desktop Applications

We realise that the strength of your applications also depends on its function adaptability. With our exclusive Desktop Application Development services, we assure this adaptability.
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Mobile Applications

Bridgewater can develop bespoke applications and websites for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android. Need help building your app? Look no further. If you are looking to build a web or mobile application then our expert team is here to help.
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Bespoke Software

Businesses constantly evolve and change IT requirements. In the early days you bought software packages off-the-shelf, which helped, but were not tailored to your business exactly.
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Secure Cloud Hosting

To run an enterprise business successfully, we know you expect more than ordinary hosting. You want your hosting to be more efficient and your technical support team to work harder.
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Email Solutions

POP3 or IMAP accounts, Webmail, SMTP delivery or dedicated email servers. Anti-virus and spam-control. Whatever your requirement for email, we can provide a wide range of services.
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Network Solutions

We can ensure that your servers are always up and running with instant alert notifications and inform you of performance with detailed uptime reports.
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Open Source Customisation

In most scenarios, the cost of developing a website using Open source platforms is much less than a licenced platform.  However due to increasingly common usage of open source templates, it is important to get bespoke solutions that set you apart.
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Quality Assurance

Application testing is essential to driving quality in the application development lifecycle. Bridgewater offers end-to-end quality assurance and testing services that deliver quantifiable results, including timely high-quality releases and a reduction in application development costs.
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