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Network Solutions

New Networks

New solutions often involve network installation work – hardware, software, communications lines. All of which can result in disruption or downtime for your core applications. We can help you assess the potential disruption and we can be flexible in our approach. For a fixed fee, we can work evenings or weekends, relieving the pressure from your prime time operations.
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Network Monitoring

We can provide 24/7 mission-critical remote monitoring of any server or network device connected to the Internet. The remote server monitoring is performed from one or more independent monitoring data centres.

Alerts are triggered when server errors occur, server performance thresholds are exceeded or network connectivity problems are detected.

We can ensure that your web servers and network devices are always up and running with instant alert notifications and inform you of their performance with detailed uptime reports. You can increase critical server uptime and eliminate the risk of lost revenue resulting from server and network downtime.

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