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Secure Cloud Hosting

To run an enterprise business successfully, we know you expect more than ordinary hosting. You want your hosting to be more efficient and your technical support team to work harder.

We think you’ll find our Premier Business Hosting is just right for you.  We call it Premier for a good reason.  It’s our No.1 account, enhanced to offer you added benefits:

Choice of Windows or Linux Operating Systems (Debian or Centos)

  • MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle or access Database (More available on request)
  • 100GB of high quality redundant disk space
  • 100GB fully burstable monthly Data Transfer offering 100% redundancy via multiple 1Gigabit network cards
  • Support for all technologies including ColdFusion, PHP, Perl, ASP.NET2 and Java Tomcat
  • Enterprise Web Statistics
  • Mulitiple POP3 or IMAP email accounts & unlimited aliases, including online webmail interface
  • FREE daily backups
We support the future success of our clients…