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Business operations reliance on Information Technology is increasing. IT environments continue to become more complex, exposing organisations to a wide array of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that have a direct impact on the performance of the enterprise. Additionaly, several government regulations that focus on information privacy and security have emerged in recent years to safeguard consumer information and ensure corporate accountability. Compliance with these laws and mandates requires effective planning, designing, and ongoing administration of IT systems.

In addition to regulatory risk and compliance challenges, IT organisations have to establish the necessary governance frameworks to manage access and identity management threats and segregation of duties. Lately, clean green initiatives in data centers have also emerged as requirement for IT governance and compliance processes.

To manage these various demands successfully, the top priority for CIOs and IT executives today is to implement an integrated and enterprise-wide IT program. IT processes span a wide range of activities including governance and policy management, IT asset tracking, IT risk assessment and response, IT control implementation, IT regulatory compliance and reporting, IT incident and threat management, IT vendor risk and performance management, business continuity planning, and ongoing IT auditing.

Bridgewater offers an advanced and comprehensive IT software solution for streamlining IT processes, effectively managing IT risk, and meeting IT regulatory requirements. Helping companies to implement a formal framework to rigorously measure, mitigate, and monitor IT risks. It also simplifies and reduces the cost of compliance with many regulations governing data retention, privacy, confidential information, financial accountability, and recovery from disasters.

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