Software as a Service (Saas)
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Software as a Service (Saas)

Software as a service (SaaS) is a delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud.

Software as a Service is the first step into Cloud for many Organisations and the one that most are already familiar with; CRM, ERP and Email are all examples of SaaS that many Companies have already invested in and are using in day-to-day working lives.

The shift by large enterprises from on-premise software solutions to SaaS-enabled applications is a rapidly growing trend. Gartner predicts that SaaS will account for 15 percent of enterprise application purchases by 2015, up from 10 percent today.

The benefits of SaaS applications are obvious but only fully embraced if performance is a key consideration during the implementation and ongoing evolution of the application.

Bridgewater has the ability to provide a price that is competitive with on-premises software and we can help you with your SaaS discussions and provide options as to which SaaS offering suits your business. Whether it is an existing product or a new bespoke requirement, we can use our network of partners to procure and implement the solution. This provides the piece of mind that you are getting the independent advice from us, as a broker, and then the technical expertise of our partners in deploying the recommended solution.

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